Healthcare & Academic Institutions

Creating a clear path for healthcare to meet the diverse needs of our underserved population.

Bringing together the best.

First Place is proud of its strategic relationships with a range of healthcare organizations and university medical schools to help address the healthcare challenges faced by many adults with autism and/or intellectual/developmental disabilities (A/I/DD). Through these innovative partnerships, future medical professionals are learning more about the complex needs of adults with A/I/DD. The goal is to provide the level of healthcare this population deserves.

Creighton University

Creighton University’s Health Sciences Campus is just three blocks from First Place–Phoenix. More than neighbors, we are allies on a mission, aligned in our efforts to fill the healthcare gap that threatens the future of so many young adults with A/I/DD.

Engaging medical students, years 1–4. Service learning programs for mission outreach selectives and First Place AZ’s Minding the Gap elective enable medical students to work one-on-one with First Place–Phoenix residents in an informative, holistic way. Courses build competence, confidence and a whole-person perspective that benefits residents and medical students alike as they partner to set goals toward greater healthcare and lifestyle independence.

Arizona State University

Along with ASU’s College Research and Evaluation Services Team and College of Health Solutions, First Place is implementing studies to support critical education initiatives. These include the First Place Transition Academy’s longitudinal study, along with the Global Leadership Institute’s translational research and supportive amenities stipend.

Additional Collaborations

These alliances are helping First Place AZ accomplish our goal of increasing access to quality healthcare by building an accessible, supportive and responsive culture throughout the community.