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Is the Transition Academy right for you?

The First Place Transition Academy accepts individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Age 18 or older with completion of high school or learning resource program
  • Autism diagnosis
  • Completion of basic self-care needs, including:
    • Ability to dress and bathe themselves without physical prompting
    • Completion of personal hygiene tasks without prompting
    • Ability to feed themselves without prompting
    • Independent toilet skills and no nighttime enuresis
    • Taking and managing medication with oversight
  • No current or chronic history of addiction or serious mental illness
  • Ability to participate and learn in a small group setting
  • Ability to communicate wants, needs, discomfort and/or illness
  • No recent history (within the past 12 months) of severe aggression toward self, others or property, including self-injurious behaviors
  • Skills to safely function in their apartment and in the community without direct supervision during non-structured times
  • No interfering behaviors requiring intensive, one-on-one intervention
  • Expressed desire and willingness to participate in instruction, employment and clinical programs, and to include parents/guardians in communication regarding progress

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Schedule an informational meeting to get an overview of the First Place–Phoenix Apartments. Determine if the property and its suite of supports and amenities meet your needs.

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Experiencing First Place–Phoenix in person is the best way to learn more about how fulfilling the lifestyle can be.

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Review these important documents and options:

Clinical assessments

Completed by Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center

Applicant interviews are part of the evaluation process but are not the total basis for consideration of an applicant. In addition to information gathered during the on-site evaluation interview, we will request information from the referring agency that documents an applicant’s ability and outlines the applicant’s social, educational and work history. We will also request that you obtain information from teachers, doctors and supervisors, if available.

  • When the intake packet and all requested materials have been received, the screening committee will review the information. If the documentation and review indicate the First Place Transition Academy is not an appropriate program for the applicant, or the applicant does not meet the clinical program requirements, no interview will be scheduled and the applicant will receive a letter of non-acceptance.
  • If the screening committee decides that the First Place Transition Academy may be appropriate, an interview and assessment will be scheduled. Applicants are contacted and informed of the date and time of the interview.
  • The evaluation interview is crucial to the success of the potential participant and the overall First Place Transition Academy program. Ideally, the participant will have taken a prior tour and have some knowledge of what they can learn by participating. The applicant will be taken to a separate area from the parent(s) or guardian(s) for their interview. The parent(s) or guardian(s) will meet with staff to receive more information.
  • The interview process includes an explanation of the program (if no prior tour was arranged), a Q&A for the family and an applicant interview with the evaluation committee.
  • The interview gives prospective participants the opportunity to tell the committee about themselves. This interview and visit also enable applicants to be better prepared to decide whether to enter the program.
  • The interview process is structured to determine whether applicants are highly self-motivated and express a commitment to live independently, which increases the likelihood that they are prepared to complete the program.

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You will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance.

Submit enrollment fees upon acceptance.

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Once the date is set, it’s time to dive into all the comforts, conveniences and activities of Transition Academy life!

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Meet the teaching teams, learn about community life, review weekly schedules and get to know the First Place–Phoenix community.